West Research Group

Cardiac Transplantation

Departments of Pediatrics, Surgery, and Immunology, University of Alberta

The West research laboratory is housed in the Alberta Diabetes Institute, within the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation. The close proximity of other scientists investigating autoimmune aspects of diabetes and transplantation immunobiology enhances research collaboration tremendously. The laboratory is located next to a central core that contains shared equipment, storage space, and cell culture facilities. The animal facility houses our ophthalmologic operating microscopes utilized for microsurgery with the neonatal tolerance/murine heart transplant system. Other important resources available to our research program include a leading transgenic animal facility, existing and new Level 3 facilities within the research buildings, and state-of-the-art confocal and other imaging facilities. Together, these laboratory spaces allow for the full capacity of the Heart Transplantation Research Program.

LKS building
West group in the lab

Space and resources have also been provided for the expansion of the translational and clinical aspects of our research program, including housing of the international collaborative ABO-incompatible registry and new patient-based initiatives. Some of these projects will be expected to bring in important partnerships with industry.